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Becoming an Agilar consultant is not easy, but the benefits are invaluable. We offer our members interesting and well-paid consulting work at good clients, internal mentoring and coaching, and membership in a strong international private network of senior agilists.

We are a self-organized team of partners and independent associates with demanding admission requirements. To join the team, you must be an experienced agile/lean consultant and obtain two invitations extended by existing members. In most cases, you need to have actually worked with a member (in some fashion) to get endorsed.

If you do not know anybody from Agilar yet, we recommend you get to know one of our members at a public Agile event such as a conference, user group meeting or training. If you hit it off, you can search for an opportunity to collaborate with them leading to an invitation to join the organization. You can find a list of events we are attending or organizing here or by reading our monthly newsletter.

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Let's discuss your needs. Whether you are a director at a Fortune 1000 company looking to augment your business unit or the founder of a promising new startup, we have a structured option for you.

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